Why Essentialism Stands the Test of Time, even COVID-19

I heard a lot about essentialism or minimalism, referred to as simplistic living. But I did not realize it makes sense to me after I read this e-book “Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less” by Greg McKEOWN. You may, therefore, wonder how I got to check it out. Well, my “essentialist” friend, Rithy THUL, handed […]

Always Busy? Manage Your Time Anyway!

How many “times” have your friends or loved ones rejected your appointments simply saying “busy”? Funnily, you may describe yourself as “busy” while knowing some chores are not relevant at all! If your problem is such, you are invited to try out these 4D solutions I have learned from Stephen Covey in his world’s renown […]