How does meditation heal relationships?

A few weeks ago, our Mstermind Club conducted a mindful session on Clubhouse, with our guru, Kumar from RajaYoga. Despite its low turnout, I found it worth recalling and reading for you here. These steps will open up your mind and, possibly, help fix your relationship issues.

1- Eye Contact – Energy Contact

It is important for us to keep a positive eye contact. Through our eyes, energy is sent to other people and they absorb energy into ourselves. That is why some could tell what is happening inside a person’s mind, through their eyes. Therefore, we need to be mindful about who to look at, or how to look at each other! And can you guess what these eyes are about?

2- Relationship Problems

Most problems happen to relationships out of two main reasons: expectations and desires. When these are overrated, even the slightest mishap could affect our inner balance. That is why in meditation, “detachment” is always recommended to its practitioners.

3- Relationship Antidotes

Since every issue originates from our mid, so do all solutions. But how to reduce or even get rid of relationship problems? BK Kumar suggests the following antidotes:

3-1- Honesty

To some people, it remains a challenge to be honest to others. Why? Because they are not even honest with their true selves. The key to this understanding is to accept oneself and treat our fellows equally. This way, we neutralize our moods or even expectations. Then, we can be truthful about how we feel and the others can see us through.

3-2- Trust

It not surprising that this quality succeeds the former. As we start to accept others, it feels lighter to build trust in other people. So even if it is broken or breached, we can go back to being honest without feeling victimized with abusive treatment. Can we trust again? Of course, if you learn to love again, no matter what! This reminds me of the latest animation from Disney: Raya and the Last Dragon 😉

4- Clarity Matters

As we build ourselves around those qualities, everyone around us will see us as clear as water, accessible and approachable. Then, words start spreading about us, radiating our influence and cementing our relationship across different dimensions. That is how you sometimes feel warm and charmed with some artists or leaders!

In a nutshell, even though relationship has a lot to do with other people, the first step to take is to fix our own soul. Trust me, the process has never been easy. Yet, with regular mindful exercises and reminders, you can get over any relationship challenges with your honesty and trust.