DancingRains Production

DancingRains” has been set up to focus on a wide range of film projects such as feature films, TV/web series and movie sales agency. The two co-founders have been recognized locally and internationally. Sithen has been involved in short film production and festival since 2009 and recently graduated from Busan Asian Film School (AFiS). Rithea followed suit in 2010 while mostly sought after for international projects like “First They Killed My Father“.

They have both worked on several film projects, including the current family social melodrama: “Precious Pond” (formerly known as “The Healing Field”). It was developed through AFiS’s course and selected to pitch in Link of CineAsia last October. Rithea is producing “Soul Searching“, an unprecedented horror-comedy winning the top prize from Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, last July.

Understanding the ongoing needs of a local qualified production team, yet with international standards, “DancingRains” will introduce its new benchmarks to both local and regional markets, with upcoming exciting projects. Other co-productions include: “Late Night Coconuts” with a co-screenwriter of Cambodian action blockbusters “Jailbreak” and “The Prey” and “Egg of Love”, with a Cambodian leading production.

Just for your curiosity, we name ourselves “DancingRains” because this is about life. It always faces ups and downs or rains or sunshine. Yet, if we can even dance in the rains, no obstacles would stop us from achieving our great works (hopefully, with you)!

Co-Founders of DancingRains: Rithea (left) and Sithen (right), in Bucheon, 2018.

Happy New Year 2019, through rains or sunshine!

PS: Our official website is underway!

Dream Land Feature Film by Steve Chen

How was the last sequel of the Hunger Games? Now let’s switch to another side of cinema! This fresh feature film was set in Cambodia by first-time director, Steve Chen. It was locally premiered and screened during the past Cambodia International Film Festival 2015. The festival itself was presided over by Hollywood star Anjelina Jolie, in its Honorary Committee. It also incorporated the 4th Cambodia National Film Festival, designed to award local feature films. I had then the privilege to coordinate guests for Steve, including his cast and crew in Dream Land and a few friends. As I watched it twice, I feel compelled to blog about this new art-house work.

DREAM LAND - Small Poster

Space and characters: With Steve’s architect background, space, at various stages of the movie, embeds contexts, situations, emotions of characters. For example, the urban setting was presented as repetitive to mean “stuffy or even boring”. As main character Da wants to move to another space, Kep proves relaxing and reminiscing of her past, associated with colonial ruins. Unlike mainstream movies, their dialogs are made peppy talks, yet quite relevant with the contemporary settings.

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