Three major lessons about family from Finding Dory

Have you watched furious “Warcraft” yet? If you don’t like the warring style, check out this family cartoon like Finding Dory. Once again, I enjoyed the movie voucher from Major Cineplex by Cellcard, with Rain and Kaly, especially for her belated birthday gift. Despite its common theme, the sequel still conveys new meanings to us. […]

From Happy Birds to Angry Birds

This week, let’s change completely the mood, from Cambodian romance-comedy¬†Poppy Goes to Hollywood to popular e-game-based animation, Angry Birds . I didn’t expect it made ¬†into such a funny movie. Yet, once released, I couldn’t wait to see it with my nephew. This session was meant for him to be his belated birthday gift and […]

The Panda Kung Fu Master You Can Be!

If I am to find the link between the previous movie I watched and the last one, it must be the spiritual realm! Here comes our family’s most awaited animation: Kung Fu Panda 3. We longed to see it right once it was premiered. Then, due to time constraint, we were aiming for a Sunday […]