Always Busy? Manage Your Time Anyway!

How many “times” have your friends or loved ones rejected your appointments simply saying “busy”? Funnily, you may describe yourself as “busy” while knowing some chores are not relevant at all! If your problem is such, you are invited to try out these 4D solutions I have learned from Stephen Covey in his world’s renown […]

Would You Like a Comedy-Horror or an Action-Horror?

So far, horror has never been my favorite genre! Currently working at PuPrum, I’ve made it a habit to explore more about Cambodian movies, although inclined to scary elements. The last two I watched were: Girl is Like That (សំខាន់អូនស្អាត) and Dead Vacations (វិស្សមកាលមរណៈ). I personally found them just above average. You may wonder why? […]

Three Legends of Tarzan

After all the cartoon with kids, like Finding Dory, surprisingly, my sister wanted to try watching “Legend of Tarzan” on a boring Saturday. When I thought the story may track back the character’s origin, the actual content turns out beyond expectations. And you would feel more compelled to see it through. By Source, Fair use, […]