Down Time – Best Marketing Time!

If you read my previous blog on personal productivity hacks during the current down time, you feel more inclined to follow the current post. Yet, this one addresses professional habits so you can keep your business afloat. Of course, I am the living proof with my two incomes sources from Ahkara and DancingRains!

1- Talk to five leads everyday

We all agreed that leads/customers are shrunk in number, since their businesses have been hit with this coronavirus effects. If you already felt complacent with your existing clientele back then, now is the best time time to enlarge your pool of prospects. Besides emailing out Ahkara‘s special offers to 100 contacts every week, I’ve made a daily habit to reach out to five connections on LinkedIn. The image below proves that they got interested in my profile and eventually, went on to ask me more about my services.

2- Produce more value-added content

This may challenge you a bit if all you do for your marketing has been to promote your products and services. The tougher our customers’ moments, the better value they search your message for. A value here can designate both “necessities” and “useful information”. In our last Ahkara e-newsletter, we have purposely shared with our readers how to lead an essential life, especially across the current crisis.

3- Video market your brand

If a picture tells a thousand words, imagine what effects a potential your video make to your leads! If your organization is still looking to uplift your cause, I’d recommend you to our SFA production team. The team is made of both experienced and first-time filmmakers. If your companies wish to carry your brands to your customer, across this turbulent time, you may consider DancingRains. The crew comprehends professionals familiar with commercial and promotional concepts and efficiency.

4- Offer more benefits to current customers

Although this tip feels similar to added values, the difference lies in its practicality or instantaneity. Of course, some customers rather needs immediate benefits like discounts or side income. And we have instilled these in our ads since early April. As a result, we have turned some leads into our customers. For example, a local video production has subscribed to our transcription services after receiving our promotional email a few weeks ago.

5- Study your existing industries deeper

In case you are too introvert to take up any challenge, the least you could do, I reckon, is to read about your industry further. Feed yourself with online knowledge and education relevant with your craft or business. Once you find pertinent tips, apply them to promote your endeavors. Eventually, those tips are likely to increase your sales volume or scale up your impact.

All in all, some action doesn’t bear direct results. But our mind will will attract what is ripe for us, thus with indirect results from residual efforts. And by the time this COVID-19 fades away, comes your biggest time: sales!

PS: If you hesitate to practice any tip, feel free to hit me up or meet up over a coffee 🙂

PPS: My next blog post will be about our surreal SFA‘s mid-year trip to Koh Kong.