Five Productive Ways to Maximize Your Isolation!

Does isolation rhyme with lack of productivity? It doesn’t have to! You may go now: “Only five?” Well, I can go for more tips to maximize your quarantine days. Yet, for the sake of your Internet routine, let’s explore for the time being the following ways 😉

1– Watch Films

Well, I mentioned “films” because they designate a variety of content such as movies, documentaries, short films! In my case, I’ve been added to a pro-arthouse cine-club online group, in which the curator (also my brother-in-arm) selected various films for us to watch. To alternate his choices, I enjoy my own selection every other night! Wait, you don’t have to come from a film background to indulge in films at home. Sources? Well, here’s a loose (paid) list: Netflix, iFlix or in Cambodia, Soyo or JaikonTV. And the following are some freebies:

“Waste Forest”, a short documentary under Let’s Document Cambodia

i- 1,150 Free Movies Online

ii- Classic Thai Films

iii- Japanese Latest Indie Films

iv- Let’s Document Cambodia (documentaries produced by our Sunflower Film Organization)!

v- TED Talks.

2- Read Books

Without generalization, this tip seems to suit introverts! You love to dive into deep thinking or analyzing your experience from texts. So books feel more aligned with your space. If you already bought some books, but lost the luxury to read them, now is the best time! If you find hard copies hard to buy around, e-books should come in handy, over your devices. For instance, currently, I’m reading “Scale Up” by Verne Harnish, in e-copy, to help me prepare our DancingRains movie production start-up better. Here are some free sources:

Access to some free spiritual ebooks

i- SimplyE (app)

ii- ManyBooks

iii- GetFreeBooks

3- Learn News Skills

Have you downloaded these (self) education apps without regularly checking them out: Khan Academy, Learning, Coursera, just to name a few? And after a few days of home quarantine, I found a couple more like Skillshare and edX! My preference is movie-related subjects. I bet you can find yours in those platforms. Be careful: some courses need paying. But if you find them worth your money, why not invest your time in them?!

Some of my selection

4- Strategize Your Next Moves

Well, this feels to me like the most critical, yet productive part you can take from your self-confinement. We all need to work and earn money for our living. Yet, before this COVID19 happened, I bet most of us have bluntly been enslaved to our desperate routine. I personally make a daily habit to meditate in the morning, and a yearly habit to travel solo. Now that we should not travel that much, I suggest you spend your quarantine days reflecting on your life, business, or career. But don’t get stuck in your past so you should craft out future plans carefully. These plans should avoid past mistakes and benchmark best practices from people around you or new experiences (as partially described above)!

Even reading such quotes can also uplift your days!

5- Blog or Journal Down Your Days

Hehe! That’s what I’m doing now, funnily with you reading this post! I just can’t feel any more productive, self-rewarding, valuable than writing out my thoughts and sharing them with curious minds like you. If confidential, your notes may be kept to yourself, just because some emotions need spilling out of our mind. Some psychologists even recommend us to hand-write our journals. Anyway, the choice is yours, as 10 minutes of such daily write-ups will do more good to your day than not. If you don’t have that luxury of time, commit to a weekly log like in my blogging case!

Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash
Oh yeah, those are not my hands!

That’s all from me. Share with me other activities you’ve carried out since the first quarantine day in the comments below! Then, our fellow readers can also apply them to maximize their days and lives 🙂

PS: If you wish to access more free sources of those materials, inbox me when you can 🙂

PPS: My next post will address physical isolation x quasi-virtual interaction.