Always Busy? Manage Your Time Anyway!

How many “times” have your friends or loved ones rejected your appointments simply saying “busy”? Funnily, you may describe yourself as “busy” while knowing some chores are not relevant at all! If your problem is such, you are invited to try out these 4D solutions I have learned from Stephen Covey in his world’s renown book: Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

1- Do It

Photo by Firza Pratama on Unsplash

These tasks are considered by nature both “important” and “urgent”. So how would we define something as “important”? Of course, by its meaning and value to you. How about “urgent”? Mostly, this situation happens to you from external factors of timing and deadlines. By all means, “do a task you find both important and urgent” as to feel satisfied and responsible.

2- Delegate It

How about those jobs that are urgent, yet not important to you? You think these are related to you and are looking for ways to complete them anyway. Well, could other people as qualified as you or more so, do such jobs? If so, let them! Make sure these jobs are important to them enough to feel motivated to complete them by your deadline!

3- Delay It

This principle can be applied to any less time-consuming task, yet feeling important to you? So just keep it off till a date you can commit. You don’t want to miss it even though now you need to “do tasks at hand”!

4- Delete It

Many a time, these distractions are caused by other people for you to feel involved. Yet, on second thought, they merely are neither important, nor urgent. You can choose not to do it, nor delegate it, nor delay it. So just don’t do it for lack of its relevancy to your core values.

Test Your Time Management Skills!

Now that you have been exposed to these timing principles, check yourself which one of them applies to either of these situations. Of course, you may leave your answer as a comment under this post or inbox me!

1- This evening is your kid’s birthday. After work, your colleagues ask you to go shopping for new clothes, with them. Which one should you delay?

2- You don’t like alcohol. Yet, your friends ask you to drink it with them right away. What should you say to them?

If you still find these habits hard to follow, practice them anyway. The more you practice, the more your productive habits are formed. As a result, your time is managed by you, as the master of your life, not others!