Why do Siem Reap-based businesses need branding, despite tourist flows?

Everyone agrees that the continuous tourist flow to Siem Reap embodies increasing demands for business services in this little, fast-growing town. Of course, suppliers like hotels or restaurants do not show any sign of slow-down. Still, you might feel most new businesses are just the same, resulting in very aggressive competition for customer traction. How to create or expand that traction for your business’s differences. I believe branding plays very important roles to make your place more competitive. Here are several reasons:

1- Unique Identity

Supposed that you are running a hotel. Guess what? So do your neighbors! We live in a world full of choices. Customers tend to ask for a better choice. Of course, the right choice comes to their mind when a specific hotel brand carries some distinctive features. These could include, among others, your location, your promotion, your customer service. Do you have what it takes for such creative branding yet?

2- Maintained Image

OK, your restaurant already appeals to a regular client base. Fine! But do you really think your competitors would remain passive? As you know, venturing out in business is expansively comparable to waging war. So if you fail to protect your brand among the minds of both existing and new customers, chances are, they will switch to your rivals, who always look to outdo your approach.

3- Proactive Approach 

I understand 70% of business places in Siem Reap rely on the high season of tourists, somewhere from November to April. What do you do from May to October? You may have heard of that folks tale of how ants save their food stock during the rainy season. Likewise, learn from those ants by preparing your marketing campaigns through agency check-ins, CSR, event sponsorships. Good luck, if you are still busy with other clients during this low season!

4- Importance of Consistency

No matter how important you learn branding is to your venture, it is recommended to keep it consistent. Now that competition could always beat you like a lightning flash, keeping your brand low might not secure your profitability status. Don’t let customers lose touch with you or they’d easily assume your brand was no longer alive.

In short, no matter what status your business is like, caring about your brand, especially in Siem Reap, is and will always become healthy for your business both for the short and long runs. Of course, if you need more tips about your branding, you can always contact me or KWANG Team.

In my my next post, I am going to talk about Effective Tools for your Branding.

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