Coffee for ideas and inspiration

How was your day or week? Not smooth, wasn’t it? Well, that’s very common to virtually everyone. For the past dozen of years, with all the inspirational lessons I’ve learned and practiced, I’ve formed many teams and helped a wide variety of people move forwards in their lives. Those teams include namely: Mastermind Club and Sunflower Film Alliance. Most business friends meet me and come out different or even “empowered” after such friendly face-up.
Coffee with Sithen

Well, I’m not saying I’m the greatest inspiration for you. But if you feel the need to talk out your problems, I’m willing to hear you out. Maybe I can offer you some practical suggestions, drawn from my past lessons. At the end of the day, it is your time and life. You can live on without meeting me. But if you do need my ideas and input, let’s meet up. All you need to do is your open mind and treat over my coffee or meal! Simple enough, isn’t it? Hope to see you very soon at a nearby cafe, be it in Phnom Penh or Siem Reap 🙂

PS: It can be another soft drink, not necessarily, coffee!

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