Wonder Woman and Kingdom of Wonder!

As usual, the blogging mood strikes me most when I feel disturbed by some phenomenon. This one is, of course, the recent commune elections of the so-called Kingdom of Wonder, Cambodia. Behold because I may sound a little political in this post. But the reflection is all yours to take as it’s inspired by the last DC fantasy I just watched: Wonder Woman!


Diana Prince

I just learned that her family name is masculinized by lead character, Steve. Comes what may, her main reason for leaving her comfort zone, Themyscira, is Ares. This latter character will be explained below! Diana, by all means, represents the “good” demi-goddess who defies all evils, especially influenced her main target, the god of war, and protects all life. In the near end, she almost abuses her own power over weaker human beings until she realizes “power is not the answer to war”.


The story is conceived in such a way that I could not believe in Ares’s existence among humans! To my surprise, he incarnates the unlikely form of those who are seeking for armistice. Yet, he meant this to lure human beings into his darker plot or complete destruction.

Why Cambodia?

Well, our Kingdom remains what we are today, as a result of chronic wars and fragile peace restoration. With the uncertain results of (every round of) elections, any politician could express any sentiment they wish to spread. For us, civilians, every pledge could be solidified into action. Most of us know who’s powerful enough to control or manipulate all this.

On one side, I’ve been grateful for the peace they’ve maintained. On the other, the message is confusing when war becomes their ultimate “propaganda” for voters. I’m not Superman or Wonder Woman. Nor do I take side of Ares. I’m just another human who seeks for enough love and peace to move things forwards. Some would argue we need occasional wars to balance out the human progress! OK, maybe I’m too naive to live up to this self-defending argument.

I think you may relate to this metaphor if you’ve followed our current situations close enough. Maybe you should let me know what you think of this correlation in the comments below this post?!

Rating: 09/10

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