What A Shitty Moment – A Clip on Sanitation!

Please bear with me on this post as I am going to review this time around a short clip on sanitation! Check it out and tell me how you feel about it. And I am going to tell you what I think about it!

Looks disgusting, doesn’t it? You can’t view it while eating? But here are the things I like about this video.

3S: Short, Straight, Sharp

As you can see, it is meant to be an educational spot about the importance about toilets. So you do not want to spend time over Internet a long preaching movie! That is why I love short films and annually support Chaktomuk Short Film Festival. I call it straight in that it recalls how ordinary people live their lives with such useful closets. Do I need to show you how sharp its message is? Just in case, the consequence of pooping without latrines is seen through the shame the lady is bearing in front of her guests!

Sanitation Message

It is important to notice that our elder lady is presumed to be somewhat rich from her dresses. Yet, when it comes to sanitation, she still prefers the traditional way to get relaxed. This tells us that appearance means nothing until one behaves. Besides, her neglected behavior not only affects her image, but also her family’s. This effect reinforces the statement that hygiene leads to both cleanliness and positive image of oneself and their family.

Personal Anecdote about Sanitation

Back in real life, I have been working at JCI on a community project to build toilets for better health. In our founding year, we went on to interview target beneficiaries. Of the four households we visited, one’s owner told us how difficult it was for them to have toilets built, while she wears a gold ring talking to us. This obvious case proves that our look seems to be more valued than our health. Believe it or not, it takes tremendous efforts to switch this mindset. I’d say the compromise would be for her to trade off her gold ring with a cheaper one and some cash to have that rest room built.

And you? How important do you think toilets or latrines are to your life?

Rating: 09/10

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