My Angels of the Year 2016

Expecting my personal kind of year review? Sorry to disappoint you. But this year, I’d rather reflect on people with positive impact to my life, here called “angels”. If you don’t find your names in this post, no hard feeling! I may include you in my 2017 review!

My wife and daughter

Sounds classic, doesn’t it? Of course, it does. Yet, I have been myself amazed with every moment we’ve grown throughout this year. Sreyneath has become the shared centerpiece of our lives. Living with her mother, I believe she’s been in magic hands. Why are they my angels? For them, I’ve quit my “egocentric zone”. How? Read on…

Phanit and Sreyneath

My sisters

I know I’ve rarely exposed Yen and Len to my online and social circle. Yet, as the saying goes, behind a XYZ man are great women. Their greatness lies in their financial backup of the lifestyle I’ve “camouflaged”. Can you imagine two vegetable business ladies earn enough to afford a mid-class living of the entire family and beyond? For that effect, they have wittingly inherited our late mother, who has now gone on to become a heavenly angel, I believe.

My sisters


Believe it or not, I’ve known him as a total stranger when we attended an ECCC hearing back in 2008. A year later, we became affiliated with Kon Khmer Koun Khmer. Little did I expect him to return from his overseas studies to benefit this film collective. Thanks to his support, we’ve managed to secure a large grant for Chaktomuk Short Film Festival (CSFF) this year from Winrock.



Some people came into our lives for a short while and left us. But Oudom returned to me in an unimaginable circumstance. He has saved me/us in “Mother’s Blood” project and now “Pram Ang“. Despite our different lifestyles, what we have in common is our passion for social causes. I still appreciate his community outreach, regardless of benefits or risks he might take, with or without JCI.


B. Sila

If you have hung out with me for long enough, his name may sound familiar with you. It is one thing to look up to him as my business inspiration. It is another to work for/in his business, which is PuPrum Entertainment. Financial stability aside, this is the kind of business/job I’ve ever dreamed of: helping local productions maximize the profits and values of their movies. So the chance he gave me earns him a divine spot in my heart.


I’ve known since last year, through FilmCamp Trip to Areng. Some acquaintances may whisper the wish to help you out when needed. But so far, he has gone the extra mile and saved me from lots of technical and organizational tasks. He doesn’t care whether or not our common cause in CSFF offers him any incentive. Thus, when you run into someone like him, you gotta keep them! For how long? Time will tell.



He is another example of the returned blessings. We went to the same high school back in the old days. He called me months ago to ask for my business consultancy, based on my former name card in DMI. Oddly enough, I ended up seeking for his financial advice instead, thanks to his loan business background! The best part was that he refused to loan me any cent, yet is willing to restore my financial situation, with all the time he has, especially by managing the funding of Kon Khmer Koun Khmer.


Up to this point, you may wonder why I call them “angels”. In fact, without them, my 2016 would have turned out even more miserable. Oops, let us think positive now for 2017. And, of course, with or without these angels, my life goes on!

Happy and Prosperous New Year!!!


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