Hotel Transylvania 2: From Horror to Comedy

As usual, my nephew would insist on bringing him to watch the cartoon he favorited. Of course, the trailer of Hotel Transylvania 2, looked hilarious enough to lure us in!

"Hotel Transylvania 2 poster" by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia -

Change of Importance: Although Drac(ula) remains the central character, in this sequel, his challenge turns to his grandson, who is half-human, half-vampire. Once again, he needs to accept his identity, despite his origin.

Questionable Night Block: My sense of direction between Drac’s hotel and Johnny’s parents’ house may be not correct as I do not live in the US. But I only find the length of travel time quite unrealistic. A mid-night trip encountering a series of funny incidents? And how comes their neighbors come visit them at dawn?!

Messages for All: As you can imagine, an animated blockbuster tends to leave inspiring morale for both kids and adults. For kids, through Dennis, he should choose to be who he is, on his own. For adults, through Drac, it is important to hold on to their principles. Not only will the kids learn to follow their hypocrisy, but also they may lose trust among their peers.

Rating: 7.5/10

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