How to Fix a Scratched CD or DVD

How to Fix a Scratched CD or DVD

If you have an orbital buffer along with some pads and polish for polishing your car, you can use it to fix minor scratches in CDs or DVDs that prevent them from playing properly.
Things You’ll Need
Orbital buffer (preferrebly a Porter Cable 7424 or similar)
White pad (or similar very lightly abrasive)
Lighly abrasive polish (scratch remover, finishing glaze, etc).
Smooth, flat surface.


Step 1:
Mount the pad on the orbital buffer.
Step 2:
Apply a small amount of polish to the pad.
Step 3:
smear some polish on the CD/DVD.
Step 4:
Hold the CD/DVD down on a flat, smooth surface with the label side facing down.
Step 5:
Apply the pad to the CD/DVD surface and turn the PC on.
Step 6:
Run the PC until the polish breaks down.
Step 7:
Wipe off the polish residue with a soft cloth.

Overall Tips & Warnings
Make sure you have a good hold on the CD/DVD at all times.
If the first try doesn’t work, try using a more abrasive pad or polish, then go over it again using the less abrasive pad/polish and try playing the disc again.
Make sure the surface you are using does not have any particles the pad could pick up. This will intoduce more scratches to the disc.
Make SURE the cloth you wipe the disc off with is non abrasive. Use a soft terry cloth or microfiber cloth designed for auto detail work or similar.

by SNorman, Difficulty: Moderately Easy