Back to my personal blog!!!

Wow! I can’t believe I have kept aside this personal blog for 4 years now! My last blog post here dated back in 2007. This proves that I’ve been so hectic with business(es) that I even forgot to write for myself and people who love my writing!
Now is time for me to get back here to do what I’ve always loved to do: writing my heart out! For the pat couple of years, I mostly wrote in Facebook notes. Later on, I realized it was not read as much as on a blog. The thing is, only my friends can read them. Plus, a blog even allows me now to share my posts back on Facebook and other social media.
Writing, like my other hobbies, sometimes drives me “crazy”, just because, in my written piece, you might find something unusual, controversial, emotional, motivational, inspirational, educational, social, spiritual, and, of course, very personal. Of course, it’s all about my life and lives around me, expressed here on this Freedom Land called “Blog”!
So join me from this second on, in this writing adventure and have fun along the way together. I’ll also welcome your feedback so we can grow together, as a human being.