Three Major Mental Effects of this Pandemic and How to Counter Them!

By now, it should be a solid year Cambodia has declared the attack by the current pandemic. The first outbreak was detected in Siem Reap last year. For some reason, we survived a few outbreaks. Still, the new wave, dating February 20th, proves stronger than ever, taking a few Cambodian lives already. As a result, I had the time to reflect on the mental effects COVID-19 might have caused us, even non-patients. Brace yourself as the next paragraphs may transcend your realities!

1- Procrastination is Real

We have come to tolerate the tardiness of our work. When we reached a stable phase and looked back, we go, “Why shouldn’t this have been done earlier?” Oddly enough, we forgot we were the one to allow it to happen that late! Despite this unwanted procrastination, I’d say we need to update each other of our commitments, no matter how late they may be. Better still is to keep ourselves busy with online education, as mentioned in this previous post!

2- Moral Injury Affects us all

As elaborated in this article, moral jury would have rather affected war veterans, who could have other saved their fellows. In this modern time, due to fast infection, we couldn’t even stay by our loved ones in the last minute. Worse is our inability to bury the deceased, discomforting some religions. I believe if any measure is taken by our medical authorities, this rather means well to us, the living. This compliance will not only keep us alive, but also other lives safe – physically and morally.

3- The New Normal is More Virtual than Physical

This part feels unfamiliar to some, when one has been so used to face-to-face interactions. Although a previous post of mine addressed online interactions, until now, I realize these have not benefited my works that much. How many of you have gone on Zoom, disabling your video feature and acting as if you care about your colleague(s)?! I understand that muting yourself in such conversations may keep them from hearing unnecessary noise. Still, for an “empathic” compromise, I’d suggest the callers show their faces – if not videos – in the beginning and end of such e-meetings.

To sum up, we are still facing some uncertainty of this pandemic and its long-lasting trauma. As we are spiritual beings, virtuality does not seem that bad, especially when we still care about our causes: family and work 🙂 After all, let us bear in mind to not use COVID-19 as an excuse to stop moving forward in life.

PS: Sorry I have no bonus video for this post. But you may feel energized again after reading this article. It covers mindfulness at workplace shared with me by Narin from MastermindClub 🙂

Two Fictional Dramatic Documentaries

The Devil Inside

When I first saw the trailer of this film, I was not sure if Legend Cinema was going to show us a fiction or a documentary. As a matter of fact, the film quality doesn’t look like other films shown before! Anyway, some of their shots are enough to tell me it’s another horror/murder movie. Talented video editor Rachana came with me to see this movie after a few unsuccessful attempts. Like other 4Kers, he watches a lot of films, maybe more than I do. He could even tell me how the story will unfold and end up!


n Italy, a woman becomes involved in a series of unauthorized exorcisms during her mission to discover what happened to her mother, who allegedly murdered three people during her own exorcism. (Source:

The film starts with the mention of no endorsement by the Catholic Church. This is understandable as the film doesn’t really end positive to the Church anyway! The devil keeps spreading from one character to another, a film pattern that both Rachana and I are familiar with. So how could an institution support a film that invalidates its image?

Documentary Style

This may be the first fiction I’ve ever seen made in a documentary style. I almost believed it was real until the end! I tried to reassure this with Rachana. But he kept confirming that it must be a faction. I guess what made me believe that it was a made-up story is that the film ended with the cast video-recording themselves in the last accident. What a fatal quest!

Devil Cycle?

I guess this is the pattern of a horror. A disaster affects one after another, which seemed to be endless. But what I find unsatisfying is, why would the writer make all characters die? Is it a way to say no one could escape death, like in Final Destination? Sometimes, it turns out like, no matter how good you do, you end up “harmed” or “killed”.


I thought this was another documentary I was going to watch! Yet, the element of fiction in this movie can be found more than “the Devil Inside”. My viewing parnter this time is Sopor, who is now in charge of marketing for FilmCAMp. Finally, she made it after numerous unsuccesful attempts, too! Like me, her least favorite genre is horror! So let’s experience this “fantasy” movie this time, at Legend Cinema.  

Three high school friends gain superpowers after making an incredible discovery. Soon, though, they find their lives spinning out of control and their bond tested as they embrace their darker sides. (Source:


Andrew, one of those three high schoolers, lives in a disharmonious family. His dad is an ex-fire fighter who gets drunk almost every day and keeps using violence over him. His mom, although dying, encourages him to be stronger. As his dad’s demotivation is stronger than his mom’s encouragement, he happens to use his super power in a wrong way, especially by killing lives. In reality, it’s easy for a child to isolate themselves and care less about other people when they lack their parent’s warmth.


Of the three friends, Matt is the team leader who tries to set limits to the power he has gained with Andrew and and Steve. I find this very important for people in power to learn to control themselves by respecting other lives. When Andrew provokes a disaster to the whole city out of his anger, Matt tried to soothe him and, with last rescue, kill him to restore the natural balance. As a leader, dare you get rid of very bad followers?


I believe the superpower the three young men gains is an analogy of how ordinary men use their power – positional, military, poltical – without control. I bet such an abuse never lasts long. Of course, Andrew’s death is the best example of the result of uncontrolled power. Maybe the solution or moderation is influence?

Personal Ratings

The Devil Inside: 7/10
Chronicle: 9/10
I guess what sets these two movies apart is the resolution. While the Devil Inside renews the cycle in the end, Chronicle kind of restores the order by getting rid of evil power. So if you get sick of Chinese vampire stories, you may try American’s the Devil Inside. But if you look for a youth fantasy, Chronicle will elevate your movie experience.