Five Productive Ways to Maximize Your Isolation!

Does isolation rhyme with lack of productivity? It doesn’t have to! You may go now: “Only five?” Well, I can go for more tips to maximize your quarantine days. Yet, for the sake of your Internet routine, let’s explore for the time being the following ways 😉 1– Watch Films Well, I mentioned “films” because […]

From a farm boy to a human rights activist, through Khmer Rouge

If you are my avid blog reader, you may learn that I usually blog about fiction movies. This time, upon invitation by Bophana Center, I had the chance to watch this moving documentary called “The Killing Fields of Dr. Haing S. Ngor“. The premiere was sponsored by the US Embassy in Phnom Penh and hosted […]

Present and Past Gems of Cambodia

The last two films I watched were a feature action-comedy that took a year to complete and a feature musical documentary that spanned a decade to realize. Without doubt, these were equally great works to me. That’swhy I titled this Note in relation with “gems”. Gems on the run This is yet another review I […]