Why Cambodian Movies Should Not Limit Themselves to Local Theaters

If you start reading this article, thinking of me as a movie expert, stop right here! First, I want you to know that what you’re going through below, is actually from my “pure” experience! Here, I’m not saying that Cambodian past movies are bad or not worth “exporting”. But let’s try and see things from the edge of our world (if not “wall”)!

1- Exhibitors Rule!

By “exhibitors” here, I meant “movie theaters” or “cinemas” themselves. With all the new titles released every week, local and international, they will only focus on what works best for their income. Are they to blame for their lack of nationalism? Try and put yourselves in their shoes!

2- Theatrical Releases Are A Mere Tip of the Big Iceberg

Here, I don’t disagree that theatrical box office figures somehow determine the returns form other platforms like TV, VOD or ancillary. Come what may, I have already accepted titles with low theatrical turnout, yet bearing big potential profits for non-theatrical rights. How did I know this? My last Filmart experience proved me this phenomenon.

3- Other Platforms Are Claiming their “Rights”

It’s hard to resist the fact that technology has shrunk our screen size to our mobile devices. While the big screens are here to stay, mobile viewing feels more convenient and faster to access these days. So if you were such an online player, you’d do all it takes to secure popular content onto your platform. That is, you’d be willing to even invest in original content so you could control its life, from financing to exhibition!

You may not perceive these realities now. Want it or not, they are coming your way right into the face until you change or adapt. If you think movies know no boundary, artistic or commercial, welcome to the club!

Effective Tools for Your Branding in Siem Reap

In my last post, you may ‘learn’ why your business needs branding. This month, let’s find out what tools to brand effectively. Of course, there have been countless mediums out there to promote your brand, including social media. But in this post, I’ve purposely picked a few of importance.  1- Artworks: These include logos, letterheads, biz cards, etc. They represent corporate (basic) identities. Without these materials, your business would end up like another random street store. Despite its embedded concept, a logo like this looks already simple and attractive enough for our eyes. 
Logo of our production partner in Phnom Penh
2- Text: This goes to web content, news articles, blogs, emails. These writings, once articulated and customized, will help your customer decide whether or not you are reliable in your business or genuine about your services. 3- Images: They refer to photos, graphics or charts which serve as helpful illustrations for your customer to gain a deeper and more relatable understanding with their pre-conceived experience. For instance, from a first glance at the photo below, you already feel like coming to stay in this villa! 
Bedroom in Krishna villa
4- Video: These days, short films or videos are the most powerful audiovisual tools to impact your customer’s impression and decisions. The more credible your content, the faster to trigger their buying mood. And here’s our sample!
5- Events: If videos can touch your customers’ hearts, events or sponsored projects can most engage your targets with your brand. In a nutshell, there is no one perfect tool. But if these tools are combined as an interconnected series of campaigns, your chances to implant your brand in customers’ will go higher and more effective. Still, these choices depend on your specific targets and budget. Simply, pick your most relevant tool and come and talk to us at KWANG Multimedia Agency!

DancingRains Production

DancingRains” has been set up to focus on a wide range of film projects such as feature films, TV/web series and movie sales agency. The two co-founders have been recognized locally and internationally. Sithen has been involved in short film production and festival since 2009 and recently graduated from Busan Asian Film School (AFiS). Rithea followed suit in 2010 while mostly sought after for international projects like “First They Killed My Father“.

They have both worked on several film projects, including the current family social melodrama: “Precious Pond” (formerly known as “The Healing Field”). It was developed through AFiS’s course and selected to pitch in Link of CineAsia last October. Rithea is producing “Soul Searching“, an unprecedented horror-comedy winning the top prize from Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, last July.

Understanding the ongoing needs of a local qualified production team, yet with international standards, “DancingRains” will introduce its new benchmarks to both local and regional markets, with upcoming exciting projects. Other co-productions include: “Late Night Coconuts” with a co-screenwriter of Cambodian action blockbusters “Jailbreak” and “The Prey” and “Egg of Love”, with a Cambodian leading production.

Just for your curiosity, we name ourselves “DancingRains” because this is about life. It always faces ups and downs or rains or sunshine. Yet, if we can even dance in the rains, no obstacles would stop us from achieving our great works (hopefully, with you)!

Co-Founders of DancingRains: Rithea (left) and Sithen (right), in Bucheon, 2018.

Happy New Year 2019, through rains or sunshine!

PS: Our official website is underway!