The Re-Marriage

One of my best friends has the same family situation as mine. His mother passed away several months ago, leaving his three siblings and himself. Her decease has literally changed his life ever since.

His parents met by an arranged marriage. Although his mother was very selective, she ended up being forced to marry his father in 1979. This union resulted in 4 children, with him as a second child. Since childhood, he always thought his parents were the best couple in his life until they sold their old house in early 1990s. Over time, his parents were very independent from each other. What they had in common was probably the future of the 4 children. They rarely showed each other mutual affection in front of them. He kept wondering why they could not follow all those couples he saw on movies. 
A few years later, his father invested some money in building a cluster of small houses for rental. To watch all the affairs, he needed to stand by day and night. Which means a more and more distant relationship between his father and his mother. Little did he know about what his father did when he rarely came to the house where the rest of the family lived. 
His mind was blown when hearing, a few days ago, that his father decided to get re-married, even before all the children. In fact, his youngest brother was in civil union with 2 children now, which cannot be considered a “(traditional) marriage”. Months ago, his father also forced him to get married so he would look good to relatives for a future re-marriage. In Cambodian society, at least, one child should get married before the re-marriage of a parent. But he decided not to get married yet while he couldn’t even yet convince the girl he loves. So, as passion has it, his father still made up his mind. To be fair with him and his siblings, he has just shared some properties with them so his new family won’t affect their future living. 
In his heart, he doesn’t want his father to get re-married, which would seem to him a romantic perversion against his late mother. But what could he do as our old man said he simply wanted to live with the woman who cares about him for the rest of his life? 
In the end, he and his siblings can only let him go and start facing new life realities together. They may also need to learn to live without their father, whose attention will turn more to his new family. But a happy thing is that a new father has turned up: their younger maternal uncle. This latter always come to help them whenever in trouble, especially with a current land issue with a neighbor. In short, the story proves this Khmer old proverb: “It’s better to lose a father than a mother and to sink in the river than to have a fire.
And that best friend of mine is ME…

Back to my personal blog!!!

Wow! I can’t believe I have kept aside this personal blog for 4 years now! My last blog post here dated back in 2007. This proves that I’ve been so hectic with business(es) that I even forgot to write for myself and people who love my writing!
Now is time for me to get back here to do what I’ve always loved to do: writing my heart out! For the pat couple of years, I mostly wrote in Facebook notes. Later on, I realized it was not read as much as on a blog. The thing is, only my friends can read them. Plus, a blog even allows me now to share my posts back on Facebook and other social media.
Writing, like my other hobbies, sometimes drives me “crazy”, just because, in my written piece, you might find something unusual, controversial, emotional, motivational, inspirational, educational, social, spiritual, and, of course, very personal. Of course, it’s all about my life and lives around me, expressed here on this Freedom Land called “Blog”!
So join me from this second on, in this writing adventure and have fun along the way together. I’ll also welcome your feedback so we can grow together, as a human being.

How to Fix a Scratched CD or DVD

How to Fix a Scratched CD or DVD

If you have an orbital buffer along with some pads and polish for polishing your car, you can use it to fix minor scratches in CDs or DVDs that prevent them from playing properly.
Things You’ll Need
Orbital buffer (preferrebly a Porter Cable 7424 or similar)
White pad (or similar very lightly abrasive)
Lighly abrasive polish (scratch remover, finishing glaze, etc).
Smooth, flat surface.


Step 1:
Mount the pad on the orbital buffer.
Step 2:
Apply a small amount of polish to the pad.
Step 3:
smear some polish on the CD/DVD.
Step 4:
Hold the CD/DVD down on a flat, smooth surface with the label side facing down.
Step 5:
Apply the pad to the CD/DVD surface and turn the PC on.
Step 6:
Run the PC until the polish breaks down.
Step 7:
Wipe off the polish residue with a soft cloth.

Overall Tips & Warnings
Make sure you have a good hold on the CD/DVD at all times.
If the first try doesn’t work, try using a more abrasive pad or polish, then go over it again using the less abrasive pad/polish and try playing the disc again.
Make sure the surface you are using does not have any particles the pad could pick up. This will intoduce more scratches to the disc.
Make SURE the cloth you wipe the disc off with is non abrasive. Use a soft terry cloth or microfiber cloth designed for auto detail work or similar.

by SNorman, Difficulty: Moderately Easy