Would You Like a Comedy-Horror or an Action-Horror?

So far, horror has never been my favorite genre! Currently working at PuPrum, I’ve made it a habit to explore more about Cambodian movies, although inclined to scary elements. The last two I watched were: Girl is Like That (សំខាន់អូនស្អាត) and Dead Vacations (វិស្សមកាលមរណៈ). I personally found them just above average. You may wonder why? Let’s find out below…

Girl is like that posterDead vacations poster

Girl is Like That – When you got on the first part of this horror-comedy, you’d feel like you follow a series of funny scenes of a group of students. So I had a hard time digesting the core story till I got to the big picture. Its ending turned out interesting with two unexpected twists. The first one is on who really died in the final murder. The second one is on the intention of the lead actress on the lead actor. The production seemed to also launch a great attempt to cast few celebrities in it. Guess what, they perform somehow better than their Cambodian colleagues I’ve ever seen! This proves Cambodia still counts lots of talents out there who need tapping into.

Dead Vacations – I’m not sure if the actors performed poorly or the director didn’t spend enough time polishing their acting. The production purposely cast leading big movie stars like Tep Rindaro and Chan Daraty. Yet, their parts didn’t go well with those of their juniors! Some dialogs sounded redundant with the obvious images or unnecessary repetition from previous actors. This seemed to go hand in hand with limited editing and sound effects. Would you need to hear Pin Peat music while showing an actress already seated in a praying room? I guess you would, if it was outdoors! This horror-adventure implies, though, meaningful morales about antique preservation and adventurous friendship.

Ratings: 06.5/10 and 06/10

Three Legends of Tarzan

After all the cartoon with kids, like Finding Dory, surprisingly, my sister wanted to try watching “Legend of Tarzan” on a boring Saturday. When I thought the story may track back the character’s origin, the actual content turns out beyond expectations. And you would feel more compelled to see it through.

The Legend of Tarzan poster.jpg
By Source, Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=48775181

Love and Protection – Sometimes, it is hard to justify one killing. Was it for protection or revenge? In this sequel – if I may call it so, Tarzan killed an indigenous kid for harming his gorilla mother. The boy had killed her for his “practice”. So his father tricks the civilized Tarzan all the way back to him just for his retribution. Here, do I need to remind you of the cycle of evil Karma? I almost always know it is difficult to tolerate a murderer for putting down our loved one’s life. Yet, if a revenge takes place, the chain would never be broken.

Best of Both Worlds – This stage of life seems to challenge Tarzan against his past, for the current lifestyle he’s enjoying. Yet, he does not fail forget his roots and returns “home” for the best of his native families. I’d say not only is his blood noble, so is his heroism for those Congolese slaves. So will you remember your origins after you become somebody everyone looks up to? Will you make both worlds better places?

Active Companion – The other best part of this action movie is the sense of independence of his wife, Jane. In most scenes, she proves to be playing an active role, compared to a passive doll in traditional plots. Still, she finds herself attached to Tarzan, thanks to his sense of protection and sacrifice. So I personally think if a story adds a dynamic female character, it will carry more weight in its content.

Rating: 09/10

Three major lessons about family from Finding Dory

Have you watched furious “Warcraft” yet? If you don’t like the warring style, check out this family cartoon like Finding Dory. Once again, I enjoyed the movie voucher from Major Cineplex by Cellcard, with Rain and Kaly, especially for her belated birthday gift. Despite its common theme, the sequel still conveys new meanings to us.

Finding Dory.jpg
By Source, Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=47530962

Unconditional Love – It’s one thing to be parents. It’s another to raise a forgetful kid like Dory. You may find it tiresome just to keep her remembering everything she says and has done. But only unconditional love can make living with her more interesting, despite such fatigue to keep up with her. By the way, how do would you remember an act of unconditional love by your parents?!

Family by Experience – More often than not, “family” is defined by blood. Rarely does its definition find an experiential context. In the case of “Finding Dory”, she treats Nemo and Marlin as her family, after all they’ve gone through in the prequel. Oh yeah, it dated back some ten years ago and I hope you still remember the plot! Is there anyone in your life you’d consider part of your family, regardless of your genealogy?

Return to the Roots – I’ve grown up to believe that two essences in life identify a person: roots and experience. No matter what experience one lives, it’s equally important to recall their origin. There is a reason for us to be born that way. If you cannot find one, make one up! For Dory, her roots remain in her brain so much that these help lead her to her long-lost parents. What memories of your origin would be you proud of?

Rating: 08/10

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