How the Games Ends – Mockingjay Part II

After enjoying the selected films of CSFF 2015, I resume my habit to go see blockbusters! I count myself lucky to get two invitations from Danny, a FilmCamp Trip 2014 graduate. Truth be told: Our common friend had mentioned thanks to him for these! Anyway, by choosing to skip the prior activities before the screening of The Hunger Games – Mockingjay Part II, And it was my first time to attend such crowded high-security premieres in three halls at the same time. Mind your bag and electronic devices!

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Reduced Mass Media – Than in Part I, we can see more action, drama, reflection of our main character in this finale, The Hunger Games – Mockingjay Part II. My most favorite scene was when she explained to her would-be assassin why he should join hands with her! With less media setup scenes, I felt more reconnected and involved with all the cast, especially, Katniss.  Continue reading How the Games Ends – Mockingjay Part II

The 7 short nominees of CSFF 2015

For the last few months, and especially, the last few weeks, I spent most of my time coordinating Chaktomuk Short Film Festival 2015. In that vein, let’s change our mood from feature films like The Martian to short films selected by CSFF this year. I give you now the 7 short nominees of CSFF 2015. While reading this post along, make a guess: which ones won the jury and audience awards?!

CSFF 2015 Nominees

Revive: I found the animation a bit short, which left most audience frustrated of its supposed richness. But the storyline and effects were more than acceptable. Continue reading The 7 short nominees of CSFF 2015

The Martian: the Human Potential

Words of mouth have remained the most effective medium of promoting a movie, especially for me. So when I heard good about “The Martian”, especially from my movie mate, Anirudh, I thought it’d be worth watching, at Major Cineplex by Cellcard.

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Leadership challenge:  The first morale you can draw from this sci-fi is an instant decision of the crew leader to leave her member behind. In chaos, no single decision is considered the wisest. But in calm, the responsibility to return him home, she takes on.

Continue reading The Martian: the Human Potential