Three major lessons about family from Finding Dory

Have you watched furious “Warcraft” yet? If you don’t like the warring style, check out this family cartoon like Finding Dory. Once again, I enjoyed the movie voucher from Major Cineplex by Cellcard, with Rain and Kaly, especially for her belated birthday gift. Despite its common theme, the sequel still conveys new meanings to us.

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Unconditional Love – It’s one thing to be parents. It’s another to raise a forgetful kid like Dory. You may find it tiresome just to keep her remembering everything she says and has done. But only unconditional love can make living with her more interesting, despite such fatigue to keep up with her. By the way, how do would you remember an act of unconditional love by your parents?!

Family by Experience – More often than not, “family” is defined by blood. Rarely does its definition find an experiential context. In the case of “Finding Dory”, she treats Nemo and Marlin as her family, after all they’ve gone through in the prequel. Oh yeah, it dated back some ten years ago and I hope you still remember the plot! Is there anyone in your life you’d consider part of your family, regardless of your genealogy?

Return to the Roots – I’ve grown up to believe that two essences in life identify a person: roots and experience. No matter what experience one lives, it’s equally important to recall their origin. There is a reason for us to be born that way. If you cannot find one, make one up! For Dory, her roots remain in her brain so much that these help lead her to her long-lost parents. What memories of your origin would be you proud of?

Rating: 08/10

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From Happy Birds to Angry Birds

This week, let’s change completely the mood, from Cambodian romance-comedy¬†Poppy Goes to Hollywood to popular e-game-based animation, Angry Birds . I didn’t expect it made ¬†into such a funny movie. Yet, once released, I couldn’t wait to see it with my nephew. This session was meant for him to be his belated birthday gift and his sister to be her holiday entertainment. Sure, it was our laughters, despite some familiar concept.

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Well-Thought Conversion – Already, I’d consider it as a smart move, from one of the most-played game to this American-Finnish cartoon. Which means the audience has already been built just to watch the story in cinema (and other mediums). Personally, it is amazing for me to see how some cool product can be spun off into another category of product, while benefiting each other. The Cambodian movie market has yet to experience such a successful conversion. Here, we do have some long-remembered tales and legends. Yet, very few were produced into movie hits.

Plausible Humor – The story is well set up with its complete sense of humor. From Red’s unlikely delivery to clean water awareness, through his anger management class, Angry Birds movie is worth our fun time. You would be angry to run into intolerant customers. You would never bath yourself or dive into the water, later used as someone else’s toilets. Of course, anger is (self) destructive. Yet, at some moments, it can turn productive IF your loved ones’ lives are put at stake.

Familiar Plot – I’d say the storyline satisfies me half-way until Mighty Eagle turns up and appears helpless, despite his so-called past valor. This whole part does remind me of another animation, “Robots”. It is about young Rodney who idolizes infamous Bigweld. Likewise, the retired Eagle comes back to save his community and seemingly inspire Red and his mates. Probably, this is where some critics would describe Hollywood works as lacking creativity! Still, I believe average viewers would not care that much about this artistic expression. Their interest would be centered on pure fun.

Rating: 07/10

The Panda Kung Fu Master You Can Be!

If I am to find the link between the previous movie I watched and the last one, it must be the spiritual realm! Here comes our family’s most awaited animation: Kung Fu Panda 3. We longed to see it right once it was premiered. Then, due to time constraint, we were aiming for a Sunday instead. My personal experience was like, just another sequel!

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Fulfilling Series – Although I’ve still missed the prequel, I could spot the plot flow for our panda Po, from an amateur to a teacher in this sequel. Of course, sequel 2 is about him as an advanced student. So Kung Fu Panda 3 makes his journey fulfilled and meaningful, as he has evolved from no one to someone, not just for himself, but also people around him.

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