Three Legends of Tarzan

After all the cartoon with kids, like Finding Dory, surprisingly, my sister wanted to try watching “Legend of Tarzan” on a boring Saturday. When I thought the story may track back the character’s origin, the actual content turns out beyond expectations. And you would feel more compelled to see it through.

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Love and Protection – Sometimes, it is hard to justify one killing. Was it for protection or revenge? In this sequel – if I may call it so, Tarzan killed an indigenous kid for harming his gorilla mother. The boy had killed her for his “practice”. So his father tricks the civilized Tarzan all the way back to him just for his retribution. Here, do I need to remind you of the cycle of evil Karma? I almost always know it is difficult to tolerate a murderer for putting down our loved one’s life. Yet, if a revenge takes place, the chain would never be broken.

Best of Both Worlds – This stage of life seems to challenge Tarzan against his past, for the current lifestyle he’s enjoying. Yet, he does not fail forget his roots and returns “home” for the best of his native families. I’d say not only is his blood noble, so is his heroism for those Congolese slaves. So will you remember your origins after you become somebody everyone looks up to? Will you make both worlds better places?

Active Companion – The other best part of this action movie is the sense of independence of his wife, Jane. In most scenes, she proves to be playing an active role, compared to a passive doll in traditional plots. Still, she finds herself attached to Tarzan, thanks to his sense of protection and sacrifice. So I personally think if a story adds a dynamic female character, it will carry more weight in its content.

Rating: 09/10

Three Lessons about Team Spirit You Can Learn from Ninja Turtles – Out of the Shadow

How the funny mood went on after Jazz 4G! The other day was marked with this new American blockbuster: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Out of the Shadows. Wait, it is not really American as this ninja turtles sequel was produced in association with Alibaba Pictures, China Film Group and HuaXia Film. The storyline has brought a whole new game about the team spirit. Below are three lessons you can learn from this action comedy.

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Personal Identities – Although team work proves to make the most out of every member, it is the differences of each ninja turtle that make their strengths. Of course, Leonardo is elected the leader for his great discipline and spirituality. Raphael is found rebellious, aggressive and sensitive to external experiences. Michelangelo adds the comic spice to the team. Donatello is known to be the master brain of the four mutants.

Leadership by Instinct – At one point of the plot, Leo decides not to turn into humans even if this is made possible by the mutagen. He may sound harsh and uncaring to his brothers. Yet, deep down, he does not want to become something else than his own kind. It almost takes a lethal battle with Raphael and Michelangelo until these latter accept who they have been. So no matter what you can become, your roots will remain unchanged.

Guiding Coach – You may have heard of this African proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. I suppose you can go far and fast, with a wise coach, like Splinter. Across the movie and series, he provides wisdom and spiritual guidance, with as little involvement as possible. Needless to say, he knows how to protect himself with his oriental martial arts, whenever needed!

Rating: 08/10

Back for Revenge РThe Revenant 

If you didn’t feel enough action in “Ip Man 3“, then, the following movie would take you beyond action. I had heard so much good about The Revenant that I went out to see it, this time with my cousin and his friend. I hope those Golden Globe awards and Oscars nominations prove right to me. What a lady night’s effective promotion at that cinema we headed to! My cousin had to count on three of them to buy the tickets for us at 50% discounts.


Unique Sound and Cinematic Experience: Two beauties I can easily recall from this biographic adventure are: its music and cinematography. As usual, the drum sound in fighting scenes enhances the effect of our heartbeat and emotional synchronization. The Revenant also takes to our fresh eyes unseen sequences like bison eating and dead horse shelter. I bet you can’t stand watching our main character Glass eating raw meat or removing all organs of a dead horse just to take refuge in that corpse! You would also feel slightly frozen with the “ice-scape” of Canada with or without air-con!

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