The Finest Movie? The Finest Hours

Did you know “The Revenant” I reviewed last week has been nominated for many categories of Oscars awards? Anyway, it was another Tuesday (promotion). So my cousin and I counted on ladies once again! We picked “The Finest Hours” for its suitable show time and interesting trailer. Well, I didn’t expect it be so epic and romantic!


Remarkable Casting and Acting: I must appreciate both lead actors. Chris Pine acted so well feel that I related to his role, especially with clumsiness and reluctancy! These poor traits were decently revealed later in the story. The most genuine performance of Holliday Grainger was when she insisted to her fiancé’s commander: “Please call them back.” The scene was so stressed with several loud requests from her that you think she would not give up.

Beating Truth: It is one thing to dramatize true events. It is another to make this drama comply with the truth as much as possible. From my personal observation, true stories or at least, their adaptations are more likely to become commercial hits. As a Cambodian case, “Lost Loves” (ឃ្លាតទៅសែនឆ្ងាយ) has won the hearts of both local and international audiences and exhibitors. Maybe we should make another true-story based movie very soon? Besides, realism in “The Finest Hours” reflects its balance between fictions and facts. For example, a few people died while stuck in the ocean and rescued. Yet, I wonder if the ship sank in that close, after the last rescue?!

Moral Messages: For me, it is yet another inspiring movie, from which you can learn a lot. Take away with you: teamwork, leadership, self-awareness. The team spirit is reflected through both the small boat’s “captain” Bernie and the oil tanker’s Ray. One led a team of mixed talents while the other took charge of the stubborn crew. While Bernie followed the rules all along, in the end, he made his own decision to go back ashore to town without his commander’s instruction or not even a compass.

Rating: 09/10

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