Back for Revenge – The Revenant 

If you didn’t feel enough action in “Ip Man 3“, then, the following movie would take you beyond action. I had heard so much good about The Revenant that I went out to see it, this time with my cousin and his friend. I hope those Golden Globe awards and Oscars nominations prove right to me. What a lady night’s effective promotion at that cinema we headed to! My cousin had to count on three of them to buy the tickets for us at 50% discounts.


Unique Sound and Cinematic Experience: Two beauties I can easily recall from this biographic adventure are: its music and cinematography. As usual, the drum sound in fighting scenes enhances the effect of our heartbeat and emotional synchronization. The Revenant also takes to our fresh eyes unseen sequences like bison eating and dead horse shelter. I bet you can’t stand watching our main character Glass eating raw meat or removing all organs of a dead horse just to take refuge in that corpse! You would also feel slightly frozen with the “ice-scape” of Canada with or without air-con!

Superb Lead Role: Leonardo DiCaprio undeniably played his best as a caring father and fierce revenger, hence the movie’s title: The Revenant. The struggles he goes strengthen not only his physique, but also morale. A classic Western plot would end with the villain killed by the hero in this latter’s hands. Don’t trust me: you gotta watch its end 🙂

Mild Heroism: I found the inciting incident a little weak, especially with the fight with a bear, not a human. Maybe the director wanted to comply with true events? Despite surreal encounters, I was more touched by the final fight between Glass and Fitzgerald. Back then, I imagined him combatting an enemy just to protect his fleeing party. Then, he would turn wounded and his life would be worth maintaining by the captain.

Rating: 7/10

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