The Man Behind Bruce Lee – Ip Man 3

Weird Boxkartor” you read last week, centered around Cambodian martial arts. So here comes a trendy movie about Chinese martial arts. While Bruce Lee has been widely known across the world and history, not many know about his master. That was how Ip Man 3 came about, as the last sequel of the series. And it was refreshing to watch it with my cousin, Panha, who also enhanced the Khmer translations from Chinese for me!


Repeated Storyline: A fight against thugs arises just for our hero to intervene and end it. Mostly, a significant place is burnt down or his fellows get bullied. That has constituted the typical plot of Ip Man and possibly, most Chinese action movies. Kung Fu seems to defeat all martial arts?! Gambled matches and challenges have remained Ip Man 3’s sub-texts.

Decent Casting: Confronting Donnie Yen (playing “Ip Man”) with Mike Tyson seems to be a great choice. Both have their own following, although I suspect Tyson’s may be less! Anyway, both my cousin and I held our breathes many times for Yen when attacked by heavy fists of Tyson. I found it relieving to not end this match with anyone winning out of it or it might cause another racist sentiment or racial superiority.

Multi-folded Flavor: I must applaud this movie for its rich flavors with action, sense of humor, romance, publicity. The choreography was designed to look mild, but intense. You may joke along with Ip Man’s student’s unexpected care for a female teacher. Romance turned obvious when a man fights to protect his woman and that he invests his last moments with her. Surprisingly, these touched me more than fighting scenes! Final rival Cheung fights his way to challenge Ip, through “forced” media exposure. This means, it is fairly easy to get infamous, but it is very personal to earn respect…

Rating: 8/10



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